AICOH Whipping Mixer

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Stainless Steel Mixer exclusive for Confections
[AICOH Whipping Mixer AWM-50 • AWM-60 • AWM-60ST]
Safety, Reliable and Hygienic Mixer
It can be widely used exclusive in production of Western-style confections, such as whipping of fresh cream,
as a matter of course, and up to production of cookie dough.
Fine whipping that has been impossible in a conventional mixer of the same class can be realized.
Stable dough production that has been difficult in a conventional mixer of large type is also possible.
Further, because of no scattering at the time of whipping, the processing capacity has significantly increased.
A twin shaft mixer can increase mixing efficiency and significantly reduce mixing time due to generation of a
convective effect, compared with a normal vertical type mixer.
It is an advantage in the working phase that sub-material can be fed during mixing and a bowl can be taken in
and out without removing a beater. A touch panel can be operated with both hands to prevent erroneous movement
and safety is taken into consideration.

Power Supply: 3-Phase
Mixing Motor:1.5kW
Lifting Motor:0.2kW
Main Body Weight:345kgApprox.
Full Bowl Capacity:50L