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Continuous High Pressure Foaming Mixers
[TARBO-MIX : TM-50 • TM-70G • TM-150G • TM-300G • TM-500G • TM-1000G • TM-1500G • TM-4MG
• TM-8MG • TM-10MG • TM-12MG • TM-14MG •TM-16MG • TM-50+4MG • TM-110+4MG]
This continuous mixer developed for mass production plants maintains pressure at a constant level in the mixing section and the number of rotations of the mixing motor at a constant level and forcibly feeds a given quantity of material and a given amount of air into the mixing section to perform continuous aeration of constant quality.
Thus, ideal aeration that has been impossible in batch type mixers or other whipping machines can be achieved. It has been extensively used in the fields of marine products, food processing and chemicals, including confectionery plants.
Application: Fresh cream, sponge cakes, marshmallows, Hanpen, carpet cloth, synthetic leathers, foamed resins, etc.
The mixer is equipped with an air mass meter to enable stabilization of pressure inside the mixing section without fail,
resulting in elimination of change in specific gravity of product. Further, a segmentalized cooling (warm-keeping) system
assures temperature management, thus, making it possible to produce high quality products. It is a continuous mixer of
high level responding to high viscosity, which can perform ideal aeration that has been impossible in batch type mixers
and other whipping machines.

Mixing Motor:1.5kW
Pump Motor:0.2kW
Main Body Weight:500kgApprox.(Internal Chiller Unit)
Refrigerator Motor:0.25kW
Pump Motor:0.15kW
Air Consumption:0.7MPa 10L/min.(Atomospheric Pressure)