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Compact Type Continuous High Pressure Foaming Mixer [TARBO-WHIP TW-70N]
This continuous mixer developed for mass production plants maintains pressureat a constant level in the mixing
section and the number of rotations of the mixing motor at a constant level and forcibly feeds a given quantity of
material and a given amount of air into the mixing section to perform continuous aeration of constant quality.
Thus, ideal aeration that has been impossible in batch type mixers or other whipping machines can be achieved.
It has been extensively used in the fields of marine products, food processing and chemicals, including confectionery
Application: Fresh cream, sponge cakes, marshmallows, Hanpen, carpet cloth, synthetic leathers, foamed resins, etc.
This compact type continuous high pressure foaming machine can be extensively used as a dedicated machine in
small-scaled confectionery plants and up to mass production lines and is also used as a whipping machine capable
of freely adjusting the hardness and specific gravity of cream.
“Pump Rotating Meter (Control of Production Quantity)”, “Mixing Rotating Meter (Control of Harness of Cream)”,
Air Flow Meter (Control of Specific Gravity)” are all digitally displayed on an operation panel to realize operability and
reproducibility similar to those of a large type model. Because of a compact type, the machine requires less space for
installation simply by connecting it to a power source.

Power Supply: 3-Phase
Mixing Motor:3-Phase 200V 0.75kW 
Pump Motor:3-Phase 200V 0.2kW
Compressor:3-Phase 100V 0.19kW 
Brender Motor:1-Phase 200V 0.025kW
Chiller Unit:1-Phase 100V 0.345kW
Main Body Weight:260kgApprox.